What the Secretary says........


A small meeting of 6 ophthalmologists in a small room in Noida is where this idea of creating a forum for women ophthalmologists germinated. The culmination of that idea into what the Women Ophthalmologists Society is today, is amazing. The spirit and the excitement with which women ophthalmologists joined was worth all the efforts made for starting this society.

This society creates a forum where women come together to solve problems that they were till now facing in isolation and to empower each other professionally in this process.With the current strength of approximately 500 members from all over India we have enough number of empowered accomplished women who can be role models and a great help in providing opportunities to their fellow colleagues and juniors.

The coming year is a very exciting year for all of us women ophthalmologists. There are several activities planned out including Annual WOS conference, mentor mentee activities, speaker resource centre activities 

With already 8 state chapters in action WOS has become a national organization with members from all over and respective states actively carrying out activities at the state level too. Kudos to the state representatives who are taking a keen interest in the state activities!

With several inputs already received from Women in Ophthalmology (WIO) America, we are now looking forward to a formal affiliation with them which will soon happen. My sincere thanks to Dr Susan MacDonald, President WIO for her constant encouragement which made us reach where we are today. And of course to the highly active core committee executive body of WOS. Thank you Dr. Sonika Gupta for this wonderful website.

Last but not the least Thanks to Allergan India for their unrelenting support right from the very beginning for this noble cause.

WOS is an opportunity through which ordinary women ophthalmologists like you and me can do extraordinary things.

So join us at WOS!!

Dr Mohita Sharma

President Message


The opportunity to lead you is unique and indeed a privilege and honor. At the outset it was a surprise as it was brainchild of Dr Mohita Sharma and team and my entry was a pure accident. However after giving the whole idea a serious thought, I realized that it was truly a novel venture that can benefit most of us in different ways. All of us are talented and desirous to do what it takes to succeed but most of us don’t realize our full potential due to multiple reasons called circumstances.  The success for women has a different definition that is a blooming career, doing well husband and well groomed children with a happy family.  However when look in to it deeply it is clear that women have aptitude and also additional powers like patience and tolerance to deal with bearing and rearing children along with taking care of the whole family. In professional life too women have everything that they need to have to succeed. What lies between them and success is utilization of available resources and time line for achieving success related targets. Women have been crafted specifically to have best of both and not either/or. The need to learn is that the family that you take care of can take care of your children when you are at work, husband can share your work and friends can make you feel wanted loves and have fun with. All you need to do is to love and believe in yourself.  When we believe in ourselves our self esteem and confidence goes really high and what it makes us do is--- high risk taking capability for higher rewards.

Women are essentially hard working race but problem comes when they are faced with so called failures ‘ to what I call learning experiences’ they tend to crash and get out. If we see in government jobs where chances of failure are less women are more successful than in practices.  It is important to realize that it is only the experience that opens the doors for future upward movement and is an essential tool in the armamentarium of successful women hence fail a few times build up frustration index like long distance runners build up by running again an uphill course and falling again & again. We must evolve all the time in life. The time line for success may be to take it easy when kids are small and accelerate when they are bigger. The slowdown period may be used for introspection, data collection, power building & strategic planning for future acceleration.  Passing through all these phases can really help us in developing a positive attitude and then nothing can really stop us from achieving what we  need to achieve. However we must remember that in this journey of success on domestic and on career front we must preserve the woman inside us who is kind, gentle, sensitive, loving and strong.  What I remember and believe from my Army days is t “It is your attitude and not your aptitude that decides your altitude”. So wishing all the best to all of us a bunch of cool, calm, collected, clever, classy & collaborative women.

Dr Madhu Bhadoria