As an organization we aim to boost our professional environment and encourage the participation of all, from trainees to seasoned practitioners to ophthalmologists working in to join and contribute enthusiastically in this venture.

Following are the aims and objectives of this society:
• To improve the professional working environment as well as professional knowledge and skills for women

• To create a forum where women can put forward and discuss their problems and their solutions. which they had been facing till now in isolation

• To develop training surgical programs for women to encourage more women into the world of surgical ophthalmology

• To encourage more women to come in lead positions in practices, leadership positions and chairs in academic events

• To develop a mentor mentee program for encouraging junior women by making senior women as their mentors

• To give recognition to women who have been doing good work by giving awards and felicitations, which in turn would encourage other women to follow these role models.

• To act as an intermediary forum for helping in placements of women ophthalmologists as per the requirements of recruiting institutions by creating a forum where they can access these opportunities